Photographs - Gallery 12: More Vintage Hawkwind

I copied these photos from an Italian-language site which was bedecked with hard-core porn banners and
pop-up windows.  If you are not offended by hard-core pornography, you can visit the site directly by
here.   This is a new kind of xhawkwind, I suppose...
In descending order of sanity, Dave Brock (left, '91), Nik Turner (middle, '78) and Bob Calvert (right, '72)
Above: Hawkwind during the 1972 Space Ritual tour.  Below: Windsor Free Festival (?) 1973.
Left: Stacia onstage in 1972

Below: backstage with Alice Cooper, 1973.  
Legend has it that Alice had thrown a party at
the zoo, for which he had hired a couple of
strippers.  When these ladies failed to get the
crowd going, Stacia took matters into her own
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