Photographs - Gallery 120: Memorabilia XXIX

Many thanks to Alfred Koessl and Wilfried Schuesler for the images on this page
Above: ASAM ad
using imagery from
the Kerb Crawler

Left: Clearwater
Productions. 1970

Right: cover montage
of the Illustrated
Collector's Guide to

Below left: '79 poster

Below: ad for the SR
Vol 2 CD
Left: Dave's
Westone Paduak I,
which he used from
Below: In Search of Space, or just your car keys?
Above: 1988 festival poster
Below: a Hawklords sticker
Below: 1979 music paper ad for the PXR5 album
Below: Ridiculous Roadshow (1973-74 tour) ad
Below: rare Quark badge from 1977
Above: 1980 enamel badge
Below: Canadian ad from 1989/90
Below: Strange Daze 98 festival sticker
Right: an
T-shirt design
Tickets from the 2004 Spring Tour.  Clockwise from left:
Salisbury City Hall (20/04/04), Manchester Ritz
(25/04/04), Portsmouth Pyramids.(27/04/04) and Brighton
Concorde 2 (28/04/04)
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