Photographs - Gallery 121: Sweden Rock 2004

Except where noted, all photos are copyright Neil Price and Julian Broome - cheers gents!
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Above: Hawkwind on stage - photo by Anders Lassila.  Below left: a similar but uncropped view from Anders
Above right: Dave
playing his Gibson Les
Paul Custom

Left: Richard and Dave

Below left: the Monster
Magnet men (Dave
Wyndorf centre left on
vocals with Phil
Caivano centre right on
Right: Stage lighting (this and all futher photos on this
page © Neil Price and Julian Broome.)
Below: Dave Wyndorf and Phil Caivano guesting
Above left / above right: stage lighting           Below left: the crowd              Below right: the photographers
Above: the trio looking rather lost on that enormous stage.  Cf: Anders Lassila's uncropped shot above!

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