Photographs - Gallery 122: Live 86-91
Above: Shank Hall, Milwaukee, USA, 22/5/91
Above: Alan and Richard on the 1989 US
tour...they were back the following year with
Maggie (below)
Above: Preston
Guildhall, 3/12/86

Right: an artistic
(i.e. blurry) shot
from 22/5/91

Left: Dave on
the 1990 US tour

Below: Alan and
Dave, also from
the 3/12/86
Preston gig
Below: Alan's Back!  And Harvey.
Below: Bridgett in a blaze of lights, Milkwaukee 1991
Preston 3/12/86 again.  Danny Thompson (above),
Dave and Alan (below)
Alan Davey with partners in crime Dave Brock
(1990, above) and Huwie (1986, below)
Left: Harvey at Preston Guilldhall, 3/12/86....Above:
An alarming amount of smoke on stage because of
the fire eaters.  Below: Harvey, Bridgett, Richard
and Alan, somewhere in America, 1990
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