Photographs - Gallery 123: The Turner Exhibition
Above: hairy and beardy in 1972
On tour in USA 1994 (above) with Len Del Rio,
Tommy Grenas & Helios Creed (2 of em seen below)
On stage in the US (above) with Del Dettmar (below)
Above: "He looked was like having a
f***ing Viking Berserker on stage" (Lemmy)
Above: I'll hazard a guess that that's Helios Creed
Below: a kinder, gentler Nik as Bush Snr. might say
Below: a clearer glimpse of Del Dettmar, on the left
in the black and white headscarf
Right: vocals, sax
and codpiece
Left: another 1994-95 vintage shot
of Nik playing live in the USA,
despite being monochrome.  Below:
the same again but in colour.
Below: this one would be from
1974 at a guess (based on the
nasty clothes!)
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He's been making an exhibition of himself for years...