Photographs - Gallery 124: Space Ritual Glasto 2004

All photos on this page are copyright of Melissa Joseph - thanks!  Space Ritual played at this year's
Glastonbury Festival on Friday 27th June 2004
Above L-R: T.Crimble, A.Dancer, D.Anderson, N.Turner, M.Slattery
Above: Howard Marks introduces the band
Good quelle distraction...Mick hurriedly
looks away...
Above: Not sure who the chap on the right is
Bloke in basball cap does double-take
Above: Jaki Windmill (left) and Deb E (right)
Above: Dave Anderson
Above:Terry Ollis
Angel is the dancer on brolly, wings and silver (?)
platform boots.  I somehow doubt that the band
were playing "Singing In The Rain" at the time...
Below: another excellent atmospheric photo of Nik & his lads
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