Photographs - Gallery 125: Hawks Over America

Most of the photos on this page are from the 1989, 1990 and 1991 tours of North America
Above: Alan Davey frowns meaningfully at Dave... the band cover Magazine's 'The Light Pours
Out Of Me'
Above: Harvey Bainbridge
Alan gets a thick ear for making a smart comment
Above: Richard Chadwick, backstage at the Shank
Hall, Milwaukee, 22nd May 1991
Above: Alan in masterful mode...
Below: Richard listens to Radio 4 on the headphones
This one's not from the USA.  Note the
uncustomised Westone Spectrum.  This is 1985-ish.
"Kind thanks to our corporate sponsors, Scottish
Widows and L'Oreal"
Above: Alan, also
backstage at the
Shank Hall on
Above: Alan out front with his
painted speaker cabinets behind him
Left: the Captain whacking out
chords from behind the synth...
Right: ...and better yet,
doing the same thing out
Below: Alan and Dave on stage
sharing the vocal duties.  That
looks like a Hawkwind pinball
machine at the back - I want one!
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