Photographs - Gallery 128: Memorabilia XXXI
Many thanks to Alfred Koessl for many of these images
1972 Space Ritual tour ad
Full page music paper ad from 1980
Autumn 2001 tour ticket
A couple of many different Brixton Academy tickets:
the 20th Anniversary shindig (above) and mid-90's
all-nighter (right)
Above: a ticket from Glasgow Apollo on the 1982
Choose Your Masques tour (just for a change...)
1979 gig ad - part of the Winter 79 tour
Above &; Below: Christmas Party gig ads
Crap name for a club IMHO
Above: They knew how to do ads in those days
Above: rarely seen 'Kings of Speed' 45 ad
Above: 1976 Roadhawks compilation album ad
All these items relate to the 'Psychedelic Warlords'
compilation, pictured above: the CD came in a cloth
bag, alongside a badge (above) and photo (below)
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