Photographs - Gallery 131: Memorabilia XXXII
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Many thanks to Wilfried Schuesler for many of these images
Left: 1974 poster
from the 'Dead
Singer' tour

Right: Doremi
Above: Ridiculous
Roadshow ads
Below: this Hawkfan badge does Dave something of
a disservice with those mad staring eyes...
Left: part of the cover of the Griffin Illustrated
Collectors Guide to Hawkwind book
Above: unusual round Hawkwind / Hawklords
enamel badge.  Odd shaped lady, too :-)

Below: 1999 Croydon Fairfield Halls flyer
Below: Voiceprint flyer from a couple of years
ago. 3 CD's for £25 if I remember correctly...
Above & Below: 2 badges from 1980