Photographs - Gallery 137: SR @ Guilfest 2004

SR being Nik Turner's Space Ritual, of course.  Thanks to Melissa Jpseph for the photos: copyright
remains vested in her!
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I have no idea *what* is going on in the photo to
the left, but I believe everyone involved to be a
consenting adult.  No children or animals were
harmed in the making of this performance...just a
few ear-drums (and middle-class sensibilities,
thanks to Deb E!)
The chap with the inflatable guitar (below) is not
Mick Slattery...
Above: Less than 5 minutes on stage and Nik's thoughts are "Oh no..!"  (Mick's are "Oh yes!")
Nik:  "Look, I had nothing to do with the boobs and all that, it was Thomas's idea, honest..."
Above & Left: a masked Angel
Terry Ollis (below left, with Mick, & below right)