Photographs - Gallery 140: From The Vaults IX
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Above: Huw in 1987, and in 1982, below

Right: Bob Calvert, in another of the
German Quark slides
Above: a very young Simon

Left: Martin Griffin
Right: Uncle Nik, 1983

Below right: Tim Blake in
1979 just before joining
Above: Hawkwind 1976.  L-R: Paul Rudolph, about to be brained by Bob Calvert; Simon King; Dave Brock
Above: the ever-amiable G.Baker, esq.

Right: Deodorant test conceived

Below: one of 6 slides that came free with
German copies of the Quark album
Above: Dave Brock, 1980
Above: Tim "I'm getting paid as a session man, ha ha
ha" Blake, 1980 with a fistful of old blue fivers
Huw (below) and Harvey (below right) 1979-80