Photographs - Gallery 141: 70's and 80's
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Above: a young Busker, 1969
Above: L-R Nik Turner, Harvey Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd
Langton, Simon King, and Dave Brock.  A 1982 line-up that
never was...
Dave and Huw peer quizzically
over in Harvey's direction
wondering why he looks so
pleased with himself....and
then ...struuuuuth!!
Above & Below: these along with all the other
colour shots on this page, are from the 1981 tour
Left: Bob Calvert solo, 1987
Left: a fey
young Huw
Lloyd Langton
in 1974 or so.  
That hat has
to go...
Above: a familiar photo of the 1976 Hawkwind line-up.  Except it
may not be quite so familiar as all that.  Compare this with the one on
Photo Gallery 82.  The direction in which Dave Brock is looking
(deep into the earth with his ground-penetrating X-Ray Spex) is the
giveaway. From  L-R: Simon House, Paul Rudolph, Dave Brock,
Simon King, Nik Turner, Alan Powell, Bob Calvert