Photographs - Gallery 142: Memorabilia XXXV
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It's my birthday today...really!  My good pal Johhny G and my son made this for me :-)
Above: Free poster that comes with the Flicknife CD reissue of Zones.  There seems to be a number of
these reissues knocking about, all of Flicknife titles.  The CD's themselves are printed up to look like
vinyl singles.  So far I have picked up Zones, This Is Hawkwind Do Not Panic and Friends & Relations
Below: various badges and a Sonic Attack T-shirt design.  I think none of these are authorised merchandise,
being all new designs (except for the orange badge, which is 1988 vintage)
Above: rare promo poster for 1974 single
Below: German ticket from 1987
Above: 1988 badge
Below: 1990 sticker
Above: the poster from the 'Hawkwind Friends & Relations, Vol. 1' CD reissue
Above: 1996
Burg Herzburg
festival poster