Photographs - Gallery 145: Memorabilia XXXVI

Thanks to Wilfried Schuesler for some of the images on this page
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Above & Below: these Warrior On The Edge Of
Time CD's have been turning up on Ebay in some
numbers.  They are published by "Rock Fever
Music", come from Germany and I am pretty sure
they are unauthorised bootlegs.  Don't buy!!
Above: the rarest of all Silver Machine singles -
this one is a CD promo for the Canterbury
Fayre 2001 live album
Left: never-
issued 1977
poster.  The
artwork got
used on Dave
Brock's 1995
solo album
Above: mid-price cassette reissue
Above right: : rear view of the Spacebrock CD.  
What's so special about this? Well, the circled text
(expanded, right) reveals it's a Russian issue!
Above & Below: 1977 Quark advertising
Above: Hawkestra
backstage pass
"Strange Trips & Pipe Dreams"