Photographs - Gallery 149: Nik, Dave, Bob & Lem

Nik, Bob, Lem and a couple of others to boot
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Above: Lemmy 1972                      Right: Nik 1972
Below: a "bearded dormouse" (!) (left), a Kid from
Silicon Gulch (1981, centre) & the Captain (right)
Below: Dik 'n' Del
Above: Young Farmer of the Year 1972 finals
DB head (left)     Dave & Lemmy (above)
Drugless Smith (right)
Hawkwind on
stage in 1972
Lemmy with
his mates
Mike and
Ricky (left)
A beardless
early 70's
prior to
Left: Bob
Calvert in his
Steppenwolf get-up
Below: Nik
Turner avec
le chemise de
Below: Danny Thompson, 1984
Left: Simon King sticks it to 'em
Below: a bearded but not-quite-in-Hawkwind-yet Paul Rudolph
Below: Bob
Calvert, 1976, in
the cover photo
of Tales From