Photographs - Gallery 14: More Vintage Hawkwind

And even pre-Hawkwind...
Left: Dave Brock
busking in
London, some
time in the late

Thanks to Alan
Linsley for this
Right: Hawkwind 1971.

L-R: Dave Anderson, DikMik,
Dave Brock, Terry Ollis, trying to
see if he'd had prior acquaintance
with someone, and Nik Turner

This photo is from the Spanish
picture sleeve issue of Silver
It's at the northern end of Portobello Road: from
Ladbroke Grove tube station, walk north on
Ladbroke Grove and turn right onto Cambridge
Gardens. Then turn left onto Portobello Road.  
The Westway should be immediately behind
you....the cafe is on the left...

The cafe, and members of Hawkwind, make an
appearance in Michael Moorcock's novel
"Entropy Tango":
THEN (left): From the inner sleeve
of the Hall of the Mountain Grill
The Mountain Grill Cafe
- then and now
Hawkwind 1973, on the set of "The Final Programme."  This was the film of the book of the same
name, which was the first in Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius series.  In the foreground actor Jon
Finch, who played Jerry Cornelius, is on the left, talking to Michael Moorcock on the right.

In the background, from left to right are: DikMik, Bob Calvert, Nik Turner, Stacia's left leg, Simon King,
Dave Brock, Del Dettmar and Lemmy.

Apparently Hawkwind appeared in a trailer for the film but their actual appearance ended up on the
cutting room floor, except for one scene where they are visible in the background while one of the main
characters is talking in the foreground.
Right: Hawkwind 1976

L-R: Simon House, Simon
King, Nik Turner, Dave Brock,
Bob Calvert, Alan Powell, Paul

A bigger version of this photo
is in
Photo Gallery 36
Left: Hawkwind 1973,  L-R: Del
Dettmar, Bob Calvert, DikMik, Simon
King, Lemmy, Nik Turner,  Dave

This was the inner cover of a double
fold-out single released by UA in
Germany.  The tracks included were
Silver Machine, Seven By Seven, Lord
of Light and Born To Go.
A young(er) Tim Blake: "Anyone know where
I'm supposed to plug this bit in?"
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NOW (below): photographed by
Stephe Lindas (thanks Stephe!) on