Photographs - Gallery 151 - 74-82-03
Another motley collection
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Michael Moorcock and his Deep Fix
The Captain at Monmore Festival, 1982
Mr.Dibs at the 2003 Hawkfest
Signed pic of Harvey, 1982
Another one of DB @ Monmore,1982
Huw Lloyd Langton adopts Lemmy vocal posture
Huw's signature is scrawled across this one
HW on stage 1982
Harvey with an unusual bass
Jungle Jim 1974
Above: Simon
House at the
Hawkfest, 2003
Above: Keith
Barton at the
same occasion
Left: Stacia,like a
caged animal and
giving a
Right: this is also Stacia, despite a
passing resemblance to Simon
King, and whatlooks like the Star
of David on her costume...
Below: Hawkwind in rehearsal in