Photographs - Gallery 153 - Grab Bag I
Grabbed from a number of different bags, actually
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Above: live 1972
Left: Dave Brock,
1976, a year when
several people got
sacked from the
band.  Note the
Right: Lemmy, 1973
or 74
Below: one of those
annoying tipped-over
photos: Huw
Lloyd-Langton live at
the Marquee, 1985
Right: Alan Davey & Dave Brock, Stonehenge 84
Below: Del Dettmar in the late 80's at a guess
Below: thanks to John-Paul for this signed photo of
the band as they were in 1997...
Below: Uncle Nik in the early 70's
Right: Simon King, no idea when this was taken
Right: Huw Lloyd-Langton looking uncannily like
David Bowie, but in Simon House's clothes!
Above: Dave Brock, circa 1972 with what appears
to be Del Dettmar lecturing him in the foreground
Above: Another one from the farm; Space Ritual line-up with Del gobbing off again!  This is a larger
version of one we've seen previously