Photographs - Gallery 155: Space Ritual Turn 100 Again

Photos of Nik Turner's Space Ritual live at the 100 Club on 12/11/04...  Thanks to Melissa Joseph for
the photos: copyright remains vested in her!
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Below: Thomas Crimble and Sam Ollis look up in surprise - all the dancers stayed dressed?!
Angel (above), Nik (below) and Mick Slattery (right)
Below: Mick during Space Ritual's cover of the
Only Ones number "Me and My Shadow"
Right: Terry.....aaaahh-CHOO!!!..... Ollis
Below left & right: Nik Turner & Sam & Dave A.
Flamenco Angel with Nik (left); and with Mick
(above).  Below, L-R, Nik, Dave A, Angel, Terry &
Mick.  Looks a bit cramped up there!