Photographs - Gallery 156: Space Ritual Pics & Video, Part 1
Photos of Nik Turner's Space Ritual live at the 100 Club on 12/11/04...  My grateful thanks to
John Milner for the photos and video clip: everything on this page is © John Milner 2004
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Here's a short video clip (in RealPlayer format) of the band doing
Master Of The Universe
KLONK! Angel looks suitably disgruntled at getting
someone's knuckle in her eye...but within a few
Above: Sam to Nik - "Do you see what I see...?"
Above (L-R): Sam, Dave, Nik, Terry, Angel
Right: Mick Slattery a.k.a. Harry Potter (by the band!)
Below: A bemused-looking Sam Ollis
Right: Nik shows off his musical versatility.  (Well,
if you've got it, flaut it)...but resorts to his normal
saxual harrassment tactics, below
Above (L-R) Dave, Nik, Terry, Angel.    Below: Angel covers her ears...Sam looks like the guilty party....
she's able to
laugh it off as
she decides to
give Slattery a
right hook by
way of