Photographs - Gallery 157: Space Ritual Pics & Video, Part 2
Photos of Nik Turner's Space Ritual live at the 100 Club on 12/11/04...  My grateful thanks to
John Milner for the photos and video clip: everything on this page is © John Milner 2004
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Above (L-R) Dave Anderson, Nik Turner, Terry Ollis.  Dave & Nik (below left).  Nik & lyrics (below right)
Below (L-R) Dave, Nik, Terry and Angel
Above: halfway through the gig Nik remembered
that he'd parked the Space Ritual van next to a meter
and only put 20p in.  A fan kindly offered to move it
round to the back of the venue...
Below: Mr. Thomas Crimble, rhythm guitar
"OK, I think I've got the lyrics memorised now"
Right and Below: Angel struggles with Space Ritual's
enormous balls... Well, wouldn't you?
Above (L-R): Thomas, Sam Ollis, Dave and Nik
Here's a short video clip (in RealPlayer format) of the band doing
Silver Machine