Photographs - Gallery 158: Sperhauk Special

Many thanks to Marc Sperhauk for the *excellent* photos on this page - used by permission and every single
one of them is (c) Marc Sperhauk 2004

Some of these can also be seen over at the Hawkwind Museum's
Marc Sperhauk Collection page.  Normally
Dave (the Museum's curator) and I co-ordinate so that we don't duplicate each other's efforts, but our
arrangements got slightly out of step this time around.  In fact I'd like to say thanks to Dave for forwarding on
some of these pics to me.  However where a given photo is both on this page and over at the Museum, it
won't be exactly the same, since I've cropped the pics slightly differently...
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Adrian Shaw & Bob Calvert, San Francisco 1978
Dave Brock in strange headgear, Masques tour
1982.  Apparently the hat contains LED's and lit up!
Left: Jane
Isaac, a
dancer on the
1982 Choose
Right: here's
proof that the
Westone Paduak
(left) and the
Artist Ibanez
Left: some sort of 1982 on-stage shenanigans...
Above: Huw (left) and what looks like an embryonic
Captain Rizz, once again on the 1982 Masques
tour.  But it is of course Uncle Nik
Below: the impressive Masques tour stage set
Below: a cheeky grin backstage from Mr. Turner
Above & Below: Dave playing his Gibson SG...
Left: ...and the same guitar today.  It is of course
the famous one that Dave sold straight from the
stage after the San Francisco gig in 1978.  Marc
Sperhauk was the purchaser.... Having now seen it
in this much detail I can be a bit more specific and
identify it as a Gibson SG Junior manufactured
between late 1963 and mid-1965
Left: Jane Isaac, Harvey & Dil (soundman) post-gig
at Chippenham Golddiggers, 11th November 1982.  
Not to be confused with raucous yokels (above)
A couple more from the Choose Your Masques
tour...and you will be relieved to know that yes, that
*is* a mask.  Kris Tait is behind it (above).  But on
stage (right) she seems to have favoured a Guy
Fawkes effort...