Photographs - Gallery 15: Album Art

You can find images of Hawkwind album covers on a lot of Hawkwind sites, and at online music stores like
CDNow.  So I decided to put up some of the inner sleeves and other rarely seen images.  And in these days of
compact discs and failing eyesight, there's no substitute for gatefold vinyl albums when it comes to providing
a platform for album art!
Left: the inner graphic
from the original gatefold
issue of the 1st album
("Hawkwind"), on the  
Liberty label
Below: the fold-out cover
of In Search of Space.  
Barney Bubbles (lighter
coloured cloth cap) is
shown alongside John
Trux, to the left of the
photo of Nik Turner
Left: the back
cover of In
Search of Space
Right: Barney
Bubbles' Star Rats
poster that came
free with Doremi
Fasol Latido.  The
photos were taken
by Phil Franks
Above: the inner sleeve from Doremi Fasol Latido.  The text says "And in the fullness of Time the
Prophecy must be fulfilled and the Hawklords shall return to smite the land.  The Dark Forces shall be
scourged, the Cities razed and made into Parks.  Peace shall come to everyone.  For is it not written that
the Sword is key to Heaven and Hell?   (From the Saga of Doremi Fasol Latido, Psalm XIV)"

Well actually, the Hawkwind Summer Camp was a bit like that...
Left: Warrior On The
Edge Of Time, folded

Below: the other side,
showing the
eight-arrowed Chaos
shield from Michael
Moorcock's Eternal
Champion mythology
Right: the droll
inner sleeve from
Sounds, Amazing
Above: both sides of the inner sleeve of Warrior On The Edge of Time, featuring
graphics by Barney Bubbles
Back cover of Hall Of The Mountain Grill
Message from Dave on the 1981 Sonic Attack album insert
Nasty album, nice cover
The back of
the Electric
Tepee cover
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