Photographs - Gallery 162: Memorabilia XLI
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Above: this must be the ultimate for a signed piece of
Hawkwind memorabilia, which will never be topped.  It's the
set list for the 21/10/2000 Hawkestra gig and belongs to Jim
"I was in England for the gig and Dave & Kris gave
me an All Access laminate. It was a great time for me! I had
picked up one of the copies of the set list at the rehearsal
spot a day or two before the show and at the concert I
pulled it out of my bag and asked everyone there to sign it
for me as a souvenir... and they did! I tried to get every
muscian participating that night. I think I did, but I may have
missed one or two... I have it framed and hanging on my
wall as a unique momento of a wonderful event that the
Hawks did for all their fans."  
Those who signed: Simon
House, Dik Mik, Del Dettmar, Tim Blake, Steve Swindells,
Terry Ollis, Lemmy Kilminster, Keith Kniveton, Kris Tait,
Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey, Harvey Bainbridge, Ron
Tree, Thomas Crimble, Jerry Richards, Nik Turner, Dave
Brock, Allan Powell, Huw Lloyd Langton and Martin
Griffin.  Many thanks Jim!!
Above: Quark-era

Left: Hawkfan 12
LP inner sleeve

Below left: 1973
poster for a venue
in Amsterdam,

Below right:
venue poster for
the 2004
Christmas party
gig 19/12/04
Above: the 2004 Christmas single
Below: 2004 winter tour T-shirt design
Above: Hawkfan 12 LP sleeve & bag     Right: 1973 Dutch poster
Below & left:  tickets from 1972. Note pre-decimal 18/-
It seems some of the economies undertaken on the recent tour were a little overzealous