Photographs - Gallery 163: Sperhauk Special II

Except where noted otherwise, all photos on this page are (c) Marc Sperhauk 1978-2004.  Many thanks to
Marc, Andy Palfreyman and Mr.Dumpy Dunnell
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Above: Newcastle, 04/12/04 - pic by Andy Palfreyman.  Note how
the members of the band glow like celestial beings...
Below: soundchecking on the Choose Your Masques tour, 1982
Dumpy, biker icon, sent this to me
Dave Brock, Choose Your Masques tour, 1982
Above: Dave soundchecking, Masques tour
Left: Adrian Shaw & Bob Calvert at the Old
Waldorf, San Francisco, 1978.
Left: Nik & Huw, back-to-back for some good old-
fashioned rockist nonsense (1982)
Below: Marc Sperhauk with Dave Brock, backstage on the Masques tour, possibly at Leicester
Marc: Hey Dave, do you want to sell me your guitar?
Dave: Sure...but how will you play it in that straitjacket?
Above: Handsome Harvey, 1982
Above: Dils the soundman (I think) & DB on the
mixing desk at the soundcheck
Below: Nik and Harvey run through their paces