Photographs - Gallery 165: Memorabilia XLII

Many thanks to Wilfried Schuesler for photos on this page
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Below: Astoria 19/12/2004 ticket           Above: leather wristband         Below: 1985 Flicknife sampler
Below left & below right: 1999 promo material for
Jimmy Cauty's remix of Silver Machine
Below: Steve Swindell's first solo 1974?
Below: Dojo reissue of the Electric Tepee CD
Below left & right: Japanese Kings Of Speed 7".  The lyrics look mangled, but no worse than the originals...
Left: a badge
based on the
Star Rats
poster design
from 1972
Above & left: recent stickers for
Nik Turner's Space Ritual
Below: another leather wristband
Above: bootleg cassette