Photographs - Gallery 166: Memorabilia XLIII

Many thanks to Wilfried Schuesler for photos on this page
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Above: leather wristband.     Below right: a test pressing for the 1993 Spirit Of The Age Solstice Remix
Below: 1980 ad for the gig at which some of 'This
Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic' was recorded
Below: VERY rare original Hurry On Sundown 7"
Left: not sure how old
this is, but that guitar
got sold in 1975. These
prices don't look cheap
given that fact.  (Don't
bother ringing, I'm sure
it's all been sold by
Right: 1976 tour ad...
for a rather short tour!
Left: mid-80's
Flicknife flyer
for the
Hawkwind Zoo

Below: year
not known...
mid 80's?
Above: EBS flyers from 1994
Right: Parabox?  Don't know that one!
Below: another Bob Calvert / Adrian Wagner
collaboration that has just surfaced on CD
Right: a recent sticker made for Nik Turner's
Space Ritual

Below left & below right: Steve Swindells picture
sleeve single from 1980
Below: and finally, another of Wilfried's leather
Hawkwind wristbands....