Photographs - Gallery 167 - Grab Bag IV
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Live at Coventry Poly, November 1985 - many thanks to Phil Swanson for this photo
Dave Brock busking on Portobello Road, 1967
Huwie and his Les Paul
1972...L-R: Del Dettmar, Stacia, Nik Turner, DikMik, Simon King, Dave Brock, Lemmy, Bob Calvert
Another COTBS tour shot
Stacia, clad only in paint and hair (above) and in
space goddess robes (right & below)
Dunstable Queensway Hall 1987 - Alan Davey &
Dave Brock.  Photo (c) Phil Swanson - thx Phil!
Left: Dave
Brock, late 80's

Right: Mad Nik
Turner, 1994

Below: Live
1976.  L-R: Paul
Calvert &  Brock