Photographs - Gallery 16: Walthamstow Xmas Party 2002

At the time of constructing this page, the photos here were not available anywhere else on the web, to
the best of my knowledge...  Might be slow to load, please be patient...

These photos were taken at the post-gig Xmas Party at Walthamstow on 13/12/02.  Thanks to
Bernhard Pospiech for sending them to me!
Above: Is that Boris Becker ?   
Below: Chris the roadie talking to Kris
Left: In the pub
before the gig...

Mike Holmes, a
one-man Tartan
Germany & Austria were strongly represented
Left: the Imaginos Design
dream team
Right: L-R Dave Brock, Rik
Richardson, Richard Chadwick
The attractive young lady in the
silk dress is, I am told, Hazel the
Belly Dancer
The following photos, from the same occasion, were sent in by Martin Snip, who with his friend Robin
had travelled from the Netherlands to attend the gig & party.  Martin is the hard-looking bloke and the
Vin Diesel-lookalike is Robin....
Richard smiles for
the camera while
carefully placing his
stash well away from
this scary looking
skinhead bloke who's
suddenly materialised
next to him
Omigod, another one, it's not my night tonight...
Above: Next to Martin is of course Alan
Davey, and you can just make out the
appropriately Hawk-like profile of Arthur
Brown on the extreme right
Left: Dave Brock is either a bit unnerved by Martin and
has grabbed his coat 'cos he's off...or, (more likely)
he's searching his pockets for a wrench or a pool
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