Photographs - Gallery 171: Memorabilia XLVII

Many thanks to Alfred Koessl for photos on this page
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Above: an ad for the In Search Of Space
LP, printed in the underground press
journal "IT" (International Times) in
November 1971
Left, Above, Below Left and Below:
inserts and record labels from the BBC
Transcription Service vinyl album.  This
was released in the early 70's by the BBC
and was a series featuring recordings
originally broadcast on their "In Concert"
series on Radio 1.  The material therein
was later released on CD as the BBC
Radio 1 In Concert album.  Thanks to
Alfred Koessl for these scans...
Right: recent
badge using the
cover image from
a late 90's dodgy
compilation CD
Above: another recent badge depicting a
compilation album.  Below: one of the
Captain's sidelines?
Above: badge inspired by Pete
Pracownik's recent Hawkwind

Below: 1995 Warrior boxed set
Left: a real relic of
the 70's, being an
cartridge of
"Space Ritual".

But can it be
played at all?!
Above Right: promoter's poster advertising the last 2 gigs on
Hawkwind's December 2004 tour