Photographs - Gallery 173 - A Dog's Dinner
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Above and left: Quite a bit of difference in quality,
but obviously from the same session (1975-6) and
featuring Simon King, Alan Powell, Dave Brock,
Paul Rudolph, Nik Turner and Simon House
Above: two views of Nik Turner circa 1974, with Lemmy visible in the background on the left-hand photo
Below: probably a bit earlier, maybe 1972
72: Calvert (left); Lemmy (right)
Pretty as a picture, below
Left: Bob

Right: a 1971
shot of some
Below: Hawkon, Feb 85.  L-R: Nik, Dave,
Harvey, Huw, Alan, Danny
Right: Lemmy
1972.  Nice
trousers (not)
Below: two from Stonehenge, 21/06/84...Harvey Bainbridge (left) and Alan Davey / Nik Turner (right)
Below: Nik Turner fluting, 1975.
Right: M. Moorcock with rampant 70's facial furniture