Photographs - Gallery 174 - Dog's Dinner II
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Above: Hawkwind 1975: (L-R) King, Powell, Brock, Rudolph, Turner, House
Below left: Dave Brock 2004                                  Below right: Harvey Bainbridge 1984
Above: Huw Lloyd Langton 1984
Below: a skeletal Dave Brock (same year)
Above: Nik Turner 1984
Below: Alan Davey 2004
Above: Huw & Harvey on the Earth Ritual tour
Right: Nik does something horrid involving his left
nostril and the Stars and Stripes
Left: Dead Fred Reeves during his brief stint with
Below: Dave with Fred a ghostly presence behind
Above: Dave thrashing his Ibanez - those were the
days.  Huw (below) on what looks like a Les Paul
Right: Nik Turner twenty-one years ago!
Above: Alan Davey & Dave Brock backstage at
Swedenrock Festival 2004
Above: Brock bawling out Psi Power (or summat)
Above: Harvey
Bainbridge in his last
days on bass for

Right: another bass
player, admittedly three
years after his departure
from the ranks - Lemmy
in 1978
Above: Richard Chadwick looks to the skies for inspiration - Swedenrock 2004