Photographs - Gallery 183 - Sent To Coventry

Well, sent *from* Coventry, really - thanks to Phil Swanson for many of the photos here!
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Above: Margate 1984 - this might look like a couple of itinerant buskers playing for pennies but that's
Bob Calvert on the left (& his signature above) with Nik Turner, of course, on the right...
Above: Coventry Polytechnic, 6th November 1985
Left: Old Man Turner with Clive Deamer (?) behind
Above: Dave amid the laser light, 1991
Left: Harvey Bainbridge 1986
Below: more COTBS antics at Coventry Poly
Below: The COTBS tour touched down at Coventry Poly on 6/11/85
L-R: Huw Lloyd Langton, Tony Crerar, Alan Davey, Dave Brock
Left: Nik again           Right: Dave

Below: something very rockist
going on (possibly at Reading 86)
Ron inexplicably failed to place among the finalists
at Mr.Universe 1995
Above: Alan does his bit for the stage effects
Left: Huw         Above: Alan Davey
Right: Danny Thompson having a
Black Sword moment