Photographs - Gallery 186: Memorabilia LI
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Above: 1993 ad for a gig in Belgium (I think)
Below: an ad for the
Rainbow Theatre gig
in 1972, which
resulted in 2,000 fans
being locked out and
getting a bit upset...
Above: 1971 poster advertising the Glastonbury Fayre triple album.  An ad for the same item (below)
carries some of Barney Bubbles' Hawkwind artwork
It wasn't only
the vinyl album
editions of
Warrior On The
Edge Of Time  
that contained
the fold-out
shield: so did the
Griffin CD
reissue (left &
1980 cloth
patch (left)

badge based
on 1982
theme (right)

Below: rare
USA promo
Machine 7"
Below: 1972 news clipping
Left: 1976 tour poster