Photographs - Gallery 187: Memorabilia LII
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Above & Below: recently advertised as the utlimate Hawkwind collector's item, this is an EMS Synthi
owned originally by Simon House and then by Nik Turner.  It has the Inner City Unit logo crudely
sprayed on the outside of the casing...
Left: Brazilian copy of "Ejection" (1974)  
Above: Japanese picture sleeve "Urban Guerilla"
Thanks to Lurch for
the above pic of his
Hawkwind ring...
Above left: 1972 "In Search Of Space" tank top
which looks like it needs ironing (but not as bad as
the one below)

Above right: Very rare Israeli picture sleeve Silver
Machine single

Left & Below: And still they come from all four
corners of the Earth: the A- and B- side labels of a
*Peruvian* version of the single, with song titles
translated into Spanish - though "Maquina Plateada"
is actually "Silver
ed Machine", I would say...
Left: the world's
Hawkwind T-shirt
(if you've got one
that's even more
creased, I don't
need a photo,
thanks all the