Photographs - Gallery 188 - Dog's Dinner IV
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Above: 1992 Electric Tepee stage set...hmmm....
Above: Richard Chadwick 1995.  Below: Alan 1989
Above: a 1972 psychedelic treatment of Nik: "Have
Hawkwind blown it?" is the byline
Left: Harvey Bainbridge 1991.  Below: lightshow
from around the same time period
1995: Dave (above) and Ron (right)
Simon King (left) and Danny Thompson (below)
Above: private party, 1990-ish.  (L-R) Alan Davey,
Harvey Bainbridge, Richard Chadwick, Dave Brock
Left: Dave on stage c.1991.  Below: 1982 lighting
Left: Bridgett Wishart, 1990.  Above: Treworgey
Tree Fayre, July 1989
Above: Choose Your Masques (1982) tour stage set