Photographs - Gallery 189 - Sent To Coventry II

More from the very excellent Phil Swanson, plus a few other bits'n'bobs
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Coventry Polytechnic, 6th November 1985, or was it 40,000 years ago in some interglacial epoch...
Above: Dunstable Queensway Hall (which is
now the Asda car park, I hear) in 1987: Huw,
Danny & Alan
Huw & Alan - CovPolyNov85
Below: Huw, with a look of concentration and suitably demonic lighting.  Alan in the background.
Left: small but beautifully formed: thanks to
Rod Stankey for this animated *.gif of
Simon King, as seen in 1972 at the same
Above: Alan Davey 1992   Right: Dave Brock 1995
Below left & below right : 80's stage shots
Richard (below), Ron (left) & Bridgett (above)