Photographs - Gallery 18: Various Portraits 1970-73

Scanned from CD booklets...  Might be slow to load, please be patient...
Top: John Harrison              Above: a young Huw?
Bottom: Terry Ollis
Nik Turner as we loved him best :-)
Above: Lemmy
Right: L-R; Del (or is it
DikMik?), Dave, Simon
King, Lemmy, Nik
Left: Del &
Simon King

Right: Stacia

Below: Nik
Scary pictures of Lemmy
(with Mary Hopkin, above)
Below: L-R; Nik, Del, DikMik,
Simon King, Lemmy & Dave, who
is surely the troublemaker here...
Note the Barney Bubbles painted speaker cabs
Above: moments before Dave
started the argy-bargy

Left: "They looked like Barbarians
who'd got hold of a lot of
electronic gear" (Moorcock)
L-R: Del Dettmar, Nik Turner, Lemmy, Bob Calvert (back), Terry
Ollis (front), Dave Brock, DikMik.  This has to be late 1971.
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