Photographs - Gallery 19: Various Portraits 1974-82

Scanned from CD booklets...  Might be slow to load, please be patient...
Above: Stacia minus her
eyebrows but with clothes...very
1974 clothes!  Shows how pretty
she was / is....
Left: The Captain
Left: L-R; Simon King, Stacia,
Nik and a flying saucer.  (This
is why you need eyebrows,
Right: L-R; Simon House, Dave
Brock, Lemmy, Nik Turner,
Simon King
Left: L-R; Simon House,
Stacia (?), Lemmy, Nik
Turner, Dave Brock, Alan
Powell, Simon King and
someone else - who?
Right: That mad rock'n'roll
band, the Hawklords

L-R Bob Calvert, Harvey
Bainbridge, Martin Griffin,
Steve Swindells (but it
looks more like Ringo
Starr) and Dr.Brock
stretching his atomic piles
Right: Hawkwind on stage, 1982

L-R Harvey Bainbridge, Huw
Lloyd-L:angton, Nik Turner,
Dave Brock
Nik almost looking sexy
Hawkwind 1980, scanned from the Levitation tour programme.  Harvey sporting a nice shiner, but you
shoulda seen the other guy....
The Atomhenge stage set, 1976, Hawkwind playing the track "Steppenwolf"
L-R: Paul Rudolph, Bob Calvert, Simon King, Dave Brock, Simon House
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