Photographs - Gallery 192: Space Ritual, April 2005, Part 1
Nik Turner's Space Ritual live at the 10th Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland, on 9th April 2005 -
and also at the 100 Club on 22/04/05...  All photos © Melissa Joseph 2005 (cheers Dr.M!)
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Dunno about you, but I just think this is an awesomely good photo!
Female limbs akimbo everywhere you look...
Above & Right: I might be uncharitable and say that
he looks like a ferret peering out of a bear's arse,
but check out the rather alarming facial furniture of
Mr.Thomas Crimble - who does at least have good
taste in guitars (see Yamaha SG2000!)
Above: Ollis the Younger
Left: Mr.Nicky Turner, as M.Moorcock used to say
Above: Mr.Crimble seems to have overheard my rude comments concerning his beard...Doesn't look
best pleased, does he?