Photographs - Gallery 195 - Dolly Mix I
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Above: the engine room - Simon King & Lemmy, 1972
Above: Dave Brock 1992.    Right: Alan Davey 2005
Left Stacia, sometime in the early 1970's
Above (L-R): Del
Dettmar, Bob
Calvert, Lemmy,
DikMik, Nik
Turner, Simon King
Right: Dave
Brock in the
early 1990's
Left: Huw Lloyd-Langton and the
bassist from his Lloyd Langton
Group, late 1980's  at a guess

Below: an unusually amiable
looking DikMik, 1973
Left: dancer Rikki,
who once grabbed
Bob's balls on stage,
seen here in 1977 with
Adrian Shaw in the
Above: Simon House looms out of the fog, 1989
Left: 1982
Right: Nik
perhaps with
his own band
at Glasto 99?
Above: fire-eaters with Alan & Dave in 1989
Above: Dave Brock & stage lighting 1990
Above: Dave Brock inside a gauze tepee, 1992
Below: more emphatic lighting a decade earlier
Left: Simon King in Germany,1973
Below: Ron Tree, who did nothing by halves...
Above: the mad, staring, psychotic eyes are a clue-
it's Crazy Bob Calvert, 1973, in Germany
Below: Hawkwind in mainland Europe, 1973.  L-R: Dave Brock, Bob Calvert, Stacia, Nik Turner, Simon
King, Lemmy, Del Dettmar.  (This must be after they left DikMik in Rotterdam, I would guess...)