Photographs - Gallery 2: Canterbury Festival 18/08/2001

At the time of constructing this page, the photos here were not available anywhere else on the web, to
the best of my knowledge...  Might be slow to load, please be patient...
Arthur Brown, warming up the crowd just before Hawkwind
came on.
Arthur again, possibly during Silver
L-R, Huw Lloyd Langton, Ali Davey, Simon House
Dave Brock.  I've left that bloke's head in
the picture because you can also see the
light show and the Captain's sofa throw
which he uses to hide his synths from us
mere mortals.  Well, some mysteries
must be maintained!
I took these myself, and it's obvious from the results that I don't know much about taking
photographs of bands on stage.  Will try to do better in the future.
L-R Huw, Ali, Richard Chadwick, Simon, Dave
Above: L-R Huw, Ali.  I think Ross
Halfin can sleep easy in his bed

Left: Spotted in the environs.  I
almost went and pestered him,
thought better of it and took this
picture instead.  Surreptitiously.  With
a flash, which he saw.  Sorry Captain!
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