Photographs - Gallery 200: Memorabilia LIV
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Above: James Last specialised in producing nasty Muzak versions of Top 20 hits, back in the 70's.  Silver
Machine did not escape his attentions, but it's in good company, as the back of the album sleeve shows...
Above & Below: Sadly, these are not actual Nevada licence plates, since that would either mean there are 4
times as many Hawkwind fans in Las Vegas than is actually the case, or that I'm rich enough to own 4
cars.  I did buy a new car recently and examined the possibility of adopting one of the licence numbers you
see here.  But my wife and children begged me not to, and so I didn't!  (I still could, though...)
Above: single-sided Russian flexidiscs: I think it's Wind Of Change on the left, with The Watcher (right)
1988 tour
above left

Left &
front and
back of a
Above: front & back of the Spring 2005 tour flyer     1984 patch (below)     Above: 1980's badges (cough)