Photographs - Gallery 201: Memorabilia LV
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Advertising for gigs in Germany 1973 (above) and
Finland 2005 (below)            1986 EP, above right
Above: 7-inch Flicknife single insert from 1983
Some apparently
unauthorised items,
here...  a "Sampler"
CD supposedly on
Liberty is seen to
the right.

Below is a
one-sided Russian
flexidisc of
Two more
flexidiscs that are
apparently Russian:  
"Sonic Attack"
above, with a
suitably angst-ridden
sleeve illustration,
and "Down
Through The
Night", below
Right: last of the Russian flexidiscs: Lost Johnny
Above: German ad 1980  Right: 2004 backstage pass
Above: 1984 ticket.  Ad of similar vintage below
Right: Michael Moorcock really came to prominence as a Science
Fiction writer thanks to his editorship of New Worlds, wherein he
pretty much single-handedly championed the "New Wave".  This
particular issued carried Bob Calvert's poem "Ode To A Timeflower"
Below: 1984 ticket for the talent show contest at which Hawkwind
performed, after having judged the singularly talentless entrants!