Photographs - Gallery 202 - Loreley by Alfred
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"Loreley by Alfred" sounds like the name of a hairdressing salon in some far-off provincial town.  But it is
in fact a selection of photos from Hawkwind's performance at the "3 Days of Love and Peace" festival at
Loreley, Germany on 18/06/2005, kindly taken, supplied and copyright of Alfred Koessl.  Thanks Alfred!
Above: I'm not sure if this is at the start of Hawkwind's set or before it, e.g. during the soundcheck, but
it shows the stage setting and audience seating quite nicely.  L-R: Alan, Richard, Dibs & Dave on stage
Above: Dave and Alan signing their lives away, though Alan may in fact be preparing to stab a cheeky fan
Right: Dave behind bars, for his own protection...
Above: stage set and lightshow nicely portrayed       Below: local fauna and flora, not quite as appealing :-)
Below left: maddened by beer, these Austrian and German Hawkfans began pole dancing, to the horror of
the more normal-looking people you can see in these background of these shots.