Photographs - Gallery 203 - Dolly Mix IV
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Above: what many
consider to be the
classic Hawkwind
line-up, 1972,
somewhere in

Left: Alan Davey
possibly doing one
of those appalling  
70's novelty
dances that were
always called "the
Funky..." (something)

Right: it says Nik Turner in action,
but I think that's Dik Mik...
Below: Nik now!
Above: Alan Davey at the Brixton Academy, 1st
September 1990.  Quite sexy, really (but not my type!)

Left: Dave 1989 or so, with a large lump of pot on the
tray in front of him, and some skins behind and to the
side of him.  Disgraceful.
Left: Dave & Nik, maybe on the Ridiculous
Roadshow Tour, living up to their "Silly Hawkwind
Brothers" moniker.          Above: Bridgett, 1/9/1990
Above: a stage shot from the 1972 Space Ritual tour, with the word "Higher" visible in the back projection
- were they playing "Paranoia" at the time, perhaps?  L-R Stacia, Nik, Simon King, Lemmy, Brock, Calvert

Below L-R: Del Dettmar, Bob Calvert, Simon King, Dik Mik, Nik Turner, Lemmy, Dave Brock: a 1972
rehearsal, with Dave wailing away on a wah pedal now in my possession, tee hee...
Above: Nik Turner, 15th Feb 1994, San Francisco
Above: Bob Calvert, about 22 years earlier...
Below: an old favourite, this appeared on the inside of the Roadhawks gatefold sleeve.  Nik is discernable