Photographs - Gallery 205: Memorabilia LVII
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Above: full-page 1972 ad - quite a roster of bands!
Left: Choose Your Masques tour itinerary, 1982
Above: front and back of a rare 60's British blues anthology, featuring the Dharma Blues Band (inc D.Brock)
Below left: 1988 album / tour advertising      Below right: German picture sleeve of Bob Calvert's 1974 single
Left: a poster,  
and below right,
a full-page ad, for
the May 1973
performance that
was saved for
posterity under
the name of
Bring Me The
Head Of Yuri
Below: I saw the now-forgotten Wild Horses in
1979, I think, so that's when this ad is from
Below: a 1978 ad for Nik's Xitintoday album
Below and right: Japanese ads for the Doremi and
Space Ritual albums, with the eponymous debut
LP and In Search Of Space getting a plug as well
Ad from 1994 (above)