Photographs - Gallery 206: Memorabilia LVIII
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Right: 1990 cassette issued in the USA only
Below: 1985 UK tour poster
Above left: Portrait of the
Artist as a 39-year-old man
Above right: 1974 newsletter
sent out by the 'Hawkoffice'
Left: rare 1977 cloth patch
Above: 1976 T-shirt design
Below left: 1976 ticket
Above: 1997 UK tour poster...based on
the Distant Horizons artwork
Above: the 1972 'Star Rats' poster that came free
with the Doremi album.  It's by Barney Bubbles and
includes miniature band photos by Phil Franks.
Tickets from 1981 (left) and 1980 (above)
Above: front and back of the flyer for the Salisbury gig on the 2001 Autumn / Winter UK tour
Above: 1988 Preston gig poster