Photographs - Gallery 209: Exeter Phoenix 25/10/2003

Many thanks to Andrea & Uwe from Kuenzell, Germany, who took the trouble to travel to Exeter for
this one-off gig and sent me these excellent photos...
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Above: the venue     Below: this is what lurks behind the bedspread!     Above: is that you, Uwe?  (Er, no!)
Above: scanning the crowd for familiar faces, I think I recognise my old friend Chaoslord, who was
one of the very first people ever to contribute anything to this website!
Right: the accursed Barton person (nice chap really)
Above: Alan Davey, recently described as "Ginger"
Left: Keith Kniveton tinkled the ivories on the night
Below left: Uwe & pal (not Andrea)
Below: Mr.Dibs and admirer
Above: the crowd wait in anticipation.... for Alan (below left) and Dave (below right)