Photographs - Gallery 21: Memorabilia

Photos of assorted Hawkwind memorabilia on this page...most of which I found by web searches!
Above: This appeared on Ebay at an asking price of twenty quid.  
The company that makes these things is
Guitar Picks UK but their
website does not show or list Hawkwind  "plectra", if that's a word
An ad for the 1999 Party gig, with Man
as support, Chicago 1974
Above: 1982 picture disc reissues of the Silver Machine single.  Below right, the 12-inch Motorhead/Valium Ten
Above & Below: early 90's
backstage passes These
came from which
is Dave Guerin's website -
he crewed the tours in
Left: 1984
Earth Ritual
tour patch

Right: early
80's sew-on

Below: date
possibly 1980
Above: this image  
is from the
Archives website
Left: The Love
In Space EP
1976 tour programme
Right: 1985 tour programme (front)
Left: Back of the
1985 tour
programme.  IMHO
the best artwork that
John Colthart did for
Backstage pass from
the Dec 2002
Above:  Late 70's badge (2" wide!).  The
design is from the 1977 Master of the
Universe UA compilation album.  I bought
this badge on 26/11/79, from an unofficial
merchandise stand outside the Southampton
Gaumont, after seeing Hawkwind play
there...they were fantastic that night.
Below: Picture sleeve Shot Down In The Night 7"
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